Are you tired of paying high prices for eggs? Want your own backyard chicken flock to provide your very own Fresh eggs? Barred Rock chickens are the perfect chickens for you!

Barred Rock Chickens are known for their quiet, docile and friendly personality. These lovely birds are heritage breed egg layer and are the perfect addition to your back yard! Barred Rock Chickens are easy keepers!

We will have "ready to lay" pullets in June. Due to limited availability pullets must be pre-ordered.

Reserve your Rose Valley Pullets today so you can take them home in June and have fresh eggs all summer long!

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Smaller birds shown above were 4 weeks old at the time of the photo. Pullets will be 16-20 weeks old in June.

SOLD OUT for 2023
Pre-Order Now for Next Spring!

Barred Rock Pullet Prices

One to 9 pullets - $15.00 per bird
10 or more - $12.00 per bird

(2023 prices subject to change with the market)

Email Rose Valley to reserve your pullets today for pick up in June!

Prices listed above are for products purchased at Rose Valley Angus Farm. Pricing may vary at other locations.